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A productivity tool so smart, it's almost a personal assistant.

Throughout the years, Vatsal and I have tried out many different ToDo applications (Evernote, Any.do, Wunderlist, Google Keep, Plan.co) and methodologies (GTD, scrum, kanban, etc.). I currently use a mix of Google Calendar and Todoist to continuously plan and execute work.

The road to Minerva has been a long one, but not without learnings. As we shied away from Castle and ultimately stopped developing Socket, we went back to the reasoning of why we decided to start each project initially. He and I both wanted to make something that would reclaim someonone's time, allowing them to focus on what they love - spending time with family, enjoying their hobbies, what have you.

As we brainstormed how to help people do that effectively, we kept coming back to certain productivity "life hacks" and techniques that help people improve the quality of their work, schedule, and deliverables. We realized that even current tools were woefully unsupportive in the pursuit of goals, and felt there were ways to bake these "best practices" and productivity tips into an application itself. Our hypothesis was that an app like that would help people become more effective at what they want to do and hopefully drain some of the grind from managing work.

At the end of our discussion, we decided on building an new breed of productivity application. One that could handle the minutiae of tasks for you, freeing you to work on strategy, vision and planning while keeping an eye on your goals. The core experiences we wanted to improve/build is:

  • Data entry. How can we input and understand symbols and media that you handle, on a small screen, in an intuitive way?
  • Work organization. How can we make it easy for you to find relevant details with minimal manual organization?
  • Planning and review. What can we build that helps you forecast their life and reflect on your past?
  • Sharing, delegating, and automating. How can we ensure you're consistently moving towards their goal by collaborating or letting a computer handle it?

We have a lot of excited things planned that fall into these buckets. Check out our website here: getminerva.xyz.

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