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A web application that makes planning and traveling with others easier.

After graduating high school, I postponed my engineering studies and instead took a gap year. I traveled for 9 months and landed all over the world, from Istanbul to Hong Kong to Switzerland. The entire experience fostered in me not only a love for traveling, but also a love for planning an executing a trip.

In the planning stages of my gap year, I quickly realized there really wasn't a great digital way to plan a trip. I'm sure lots of people have their own documents and folders, but everything there is bespoke. That led me to create a "travel template" spreadsheet that I tried to use for all future travel planning. On one page, it would let me list out the restaurants, attractions, and places I'd want to visit (along with other pertinent information like price, rating, location, etc.), a separate sheet for similarly inputting expenses and keeping track of budget, and yet another sheet to act as a day-to-day itinerary for filling with items from the sheet. By throwing everything onto the spreadsheet, I could immerse myself in the local culture while maintaining day-to-day flexibility, and keep an eye on my expenses as I traveled.

Fast forward to college, my friends and I would plan trips together to spend our internship bucks. We traveled heavily, from the Bayou and the Nation's Capital to the Bay Area and City of Angels. Along the way, I'd made some changes to my travel template to nicely support multiple users, so we could collaborate while planning and track our individaul expenses so we could pay each other back in the end. In case you want to use it, here it is, and let me know if you do!

Each iteration of the template has served me faithfully. However, as I embark on longer trips, to more places, and with more people, it's been fraying at the edges. It's been tough onboarding new people to the spreadsheet, coordinating with others to plan, and accountably paying each other back.

That's where Gohort comes in - It's the spiritual successor to the travel template, and I have a whole bunch of features planned that should make it fun and exciting, including:

  • 🗺 different item views! see your items laid out on a map, operating/available hours on a calendar, or a plain ol' list.
  • 📆 a day-to-day view that you can easily schedule items on
  • 💰 an expense tracker that lets everyone pay each other back easily!
  • 💹 trip stats! # of places, total hours, total money spent, etc.
  • 📷 a media gallery for you reminiscent/nostalgic fellows!
  • and more, probably!

You can sign up and check it out at the website: gohort.com.

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