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Look up the translations for different objects by taking a picture!

Auge is German for "eye"

In 2019, I started heavily studying German, in preparation for attending grad school for engineering in either [ETH Zurich] or a uni in Germany. Coincidentally, I also started deep diving into deep learning using the fantastic course.

My current process for learning languages is to learn the 1000 most common words and then direct all my energy to become conversational. My current process is to use Anki flashcards to study the vocabulary, making use of the spaced repitition metmory technique, but also to be active in looking for things I might want to describe in German as I go about my day. In that latter case, it's always super annoying to have pull up Google Translate on my phone, type it in, and save it in Notion.

Thus, I came up with the idea of an object detection and translation service. Simply take a picture of what you're looking it at, send it over, it'll attempt to detect the objects in the picture and then provide translations for those objects (if possible) for the requested language! I'm still building it out, but you can check it out here:

I write about engineering, technology, HCI and the future of computing. If you like what I have to say, feel free to buy me a coffee and/or subscribe below for updates.