About me

Hi! I'm Josh Chan. Currently, I'm a Staff Software Engineer at Fanatics, creating a one stop shop for sports fans.

Before that, I was a Staff Software Engineer at Misfits Market, helping make it the #1 online grocer by revamping the loyalty program and building a geographically dynamic cart experience.

In the past, I've built drafting experiences, unlocked integration and performance testing for our org, and spoken about our technology as a software engineer for Fanduel. I've also I helped others prototype their ideas using cutting-edge tools and old-fashioned elbow grease at the Rutgers Makerspace.

Before that, I attended Rutgers University, studying Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus in Computer Engineering. I graduated in 3 years with honors.

I'm intensely curious about using technology to amplify human productivity and change the way we live and think.

Consulting & Freelancing

I've built a few things for different clients, including:

  • Maharlika NYC - the landing page, website and analytics setup of one of the top Filipino restaurants in NYC
  • Jeepney Filipino Gastropub - the website of one of the other top Filipino restaurants in New York
  • Pluto - an mobile app for on-demand gig work, similar to TaskRabbit
  • Rogue House Salon - I created a previous iteration of this salon's website, sporting an employee list, menu, package deals, and live yelp reviews
  • Jamielynn De Leon's personal site - the personal website of an excelllent hairdresser & stylist in NYC (unfortunately, offline for now)

You can see a more exhaustive list of things I've done (and my resume) here. If you want to work with me, email me at [email protected]!

I write about engineering, technology, HCI and the future of computing. If you like what I have to say, feel free to buy me a coffee and/or subscribe below for updates.